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— detailed building plans now available via Chris & Malissa Tack of the Tiny Tack House (Malissa is a professional graphic designer who makes beautiful 3D models so it should be a tasty set of plans.) They are also really nice folks too. And yes, this is the house that was featured in tumblr’s architecture year in review. Still swooning.

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Dreamhouse— it is on wheels and is so awesome. Tiny homes are like hand made fancy trailers.

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Some clarity on the Robin Thicke situation

Thank you. Everybody takes things so literally on this site.

Tumblr brain

Tumblr Brain: (n) a condition where one spends too much time on tumblr and your brain turns into applesauce made of memes and references and useless information

Teapot mothers day arrangent…

Teapot mothers day arrangent…